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William Janelle

Bridgton, Maine
Wood Sculptor

About the Artist

William makes these wonderful wood spirits carved out of butternut wood.

Authentically Maine

William Janelle

I am a self-taught sculptor who works primarily in wood. I've been carving for over thirty-five years. I am a subtractive sculptor, where I take away from a single block with hand tools, often leaving tool marks behind as a sort of fingerprint. My preferences of wood are apple, cherry, butternut and walnut. These are hardwoods with very distinctive grains and colors. I also work in marble, soapstone and alabaster.

My style is a fusion of realism and neo-classicalism. This enables the viewer to recognize the subject matter and at the same time allows me the freedom of self-expression. The goal of each piece is to show motion in the subject matter. Whether it be a puffin standing on a rock, with its head turned ninety degrees, inquisitively looking at something that just startled it or a falcon, half second from flight. The sculpture's emotion allows the viewer to recognize a bit of humanity in the subject portrayed.

I have won more than a hundred ribbons, Best of Show awards, prize money and have been featured on TV - "Doug Rafferty's 'Doug's Discoveries' ", newspaper features and Lake Living Magazine. I live in the lake region of western Maine with my wife, Loraine and our dog, Lucy.

Artistic Process

Most people see a piece of wood as a simple chunk or branch from a tree. Sometimes it takes quite a while for me to look at a block of wood to "see" what is inside. I may have a piece of wood for years before I begin to sculpt its form.

William Janelle3-S

What's the Rest of the Story?

As well as carving wood, William also carves... can you guess? It's the most popular thing to carve in the United States.

To get the rest of the story, ask Becky at Gallery on the Lake!

William Janelle Photos

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Wood Spirits
Wood Spirits
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