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Laura Shea

Greenville, Maine

About the Artist

Laura Shea hand draws and paints the bracelets individuals with something like India ink. Each one is very meticulously done. They come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. It's just gorgeous work.

Authentically Maine

Both my grandmothers grew up in Maine and my parents moved to Maine and they love it. I've always loved Maine and now I live here!

It's much more beautiful up here. I moved here a year and a half ago.

Artistic Process

I get my ideas from nature, and from clothing design, and whatever I seem to find an interest in if I'm walking around outside, through town. Or once I was watching TV and I focused on the designs and patterns I saw on a crown.

What's the Rest of the Story?

I saved three toads in my backyard. Can you guess where they were?

And I met my high school boyfriend again after 33 years and he is now my fiance. Can you guess how we reconnected?

To get the rest of the story, ask Becky at Gallery on the Lake!

Laura Shea Photos

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