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Janice Brown Clemens

Abbot, Maine
Pickles, Jams, and Jellies, and Comfort Toys

About the Artist

Our pickles, jams, and jellies are from Janice Brown Clemens, whom I like to call "Jammin' Jan"! She and her three girls grow their own produce and pickle, jam, and jelly all year 'round.

Authentically Maine

I started out in Massachusetts and I moved to Maine. I love it up here. I moved to the family home. It's been here since my grandparents built it. So that's two generations from Maine. I've been coming up to Maine for most of my life.

It's less hectic here in Maine. The people up here are fantastic. They're very friendly. I lived in Florida for a while, six months of the year, and we'd live up here in Maine for six months.

Artistic Process


In 1985 I began making blue ribbon winning jams and jellies for my family and friends when I lived in Massachusetts. Alongside women from my church, together we made jams, jellies. and pickles which became popular at church events and a local farm stand.

I grow my own blackberries, and rhubarb, and green beans, as much as I possibly can. What I can't grow myself, I go to local places for produce.

Our products are sold locally at craft fairs, in gift shops, and in stores throughout the Northeast.

In season we personally pick the berries from local farms -- this is truly farm to the table. Our homemade creations are fresh, pure, wholesome, and simply heavenly! I hope you enjoy eating them as much as we enjoy making them.

What's the Rest of the Story?

I like seeing a moose in my backyard. I'm just concerned that they're going to go through my garden. A few times they've walked right through. The first time I saw a moose...

To get the rest of the story, ask Becky at Gallery on the Lake!

Janice Brown Clemens Photos

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Pickles, Jams, and Jellies
Great Taste
Blueberry Topping
Great Taste
Comfort Toys and Baby Slippers
Other Surprises
Pickles, Jams, and Jellies
Great Taste
Pickles, Jams, and Jellies
Great Taste
Pickles, Jams, and Jellies
Great Taste
Comfort Toys and Baby Slippers (top shelf)
Other Surprises

Other Artwork