We Love Seeing Happy Customers

I love getting emails like this:
Hello Becky,

As promised here are photos of the moose bench we bought from you on our last day in Maine (22-May-2016). It was definitely an impulse buy, but one I do not regret! We placed it at the top of a short set of stairs so the moose can be seen while walking up towards our sitting room.
Regards to the Goodwins – if we had room in our car I would have tried to convince my husband to take the half picnic table as well. Maybe next time!

Happy summer!

Ottawa, Canada

Somebody’s Got A New Favorite Blanket

I love this type of story. A grandmother, mother and little girl came into Gallery on the Lake recently. They were far from home and on vacation. The little girl’s favorite blanket was left at home and she was fretful and out of sorts. They happened upon Pam Goodwin’s NIGHT-NIGHTS. She chose one and immediately was soothed and calm. Wow! It was like magic. And we had some very satisfied customers, especially a certain little girl.

The Caster of Shadows…

Here is a photo of the culprit! The Goodwin’s Papa Moose is the caster of great shadows. You should have seen it set up inside of the house. You can see why my daughter said it had to live outside.

A Pet Moose for Christmas?

Grandson, Croix, asked for a pet moose for Christmas. Gallery on the Lake just happened to have what was needed, thanks to Pam’s Country Crafts. It’s not an inside pet. Keep an eye out as he roams the neighborhood.
I’m a proud
Grammy because this was a real GOT-CHA present.