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Welcome to Gallery on the Lake!

I’m Becky Morse, lifelong Mainer. My husband Gary and I run this gallery just 30 feet from the water here in the Moosehead Arts District in Greenville, Maine, the gateway to the Moosehead Region. We were named “Best Local Gallery in the Moosehead Lake Region” by Events INSIDER!

In the 1940s and 1950s, I used to play in my parents’ general store in Salisbury Cove, Maine, a real old-timey general store and post office. Now I’m the arts resource for our community and you who visit us.

I find artists, and artists also find me. I never know who is going to walk through my door, carrying what. That’s exciting, seeing new people come through the gallery door with a product that they are very proud of.

It’s my mission to discover these diamonds in the rough and connect them to the visitors who want something authentically local and truly heartfelt, not churned out.

The highlight of my day is meeting the customers who find something to love in my store, to become a part of their family. They want moose, loons, bear, and other forest creatures. They want to find some hidden treasures. They want something to remember the Moosehead Lake Region by. They take a little bit of Maine home or to give as a gift to a friend.

Just yesterday, a woman came in. She and her husband came in and said they were just looking. Well, I had a series of moose on my countertop, little statues of moose, that had just come in from an artist, Robin Gardela.

I gave one to this woman to look at, and she held it. It was very unique. This moose was a kayaking moose. It had a life jacket on and was holding a paddle. I just handed it to her so she could look at it. Reluctantly at first, she took it. Then she kept it with her as she browsed the store. She just walked around holding it.

At first she wasn’t going to buy it, but she just kept holding it and looking at it, and you could see that it brought up memories. She was fascinated by it and couldn’t put it down. She and her husband were avid kayakers. Once she had lived with this moose for a few minutes, it was hers, even before she left the store.


If you’re looking for friends in Greenville, you have found them. Come meet Gary and me at the Gallery. We just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary! I can tell you the secrets to exploring the Moosehead Region and the people you’ll want to meet. Or come to one of our art events to meet some real “personalities”.

Make sure to explore the inspiring personal stories of some of our 50 artists. And see the photographs of the artwork we show. We take orders by email and phone, and we build custom frames, wrap gifts, and take custom requests. Contact us to hear more about what’s in stock that you might not see in our photos.


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Finally, if you live in Maine would like to join our artists at Gallery on the Lake, I’d love to hear from you!

Becky Morse
Gallery on the Lake

Artist Reception at Gallery on the Lake


Gary on the Lake